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In 1999, we established Wine Works with a vision to provide high-quality wines that offer exceptional value. With over three decades of experience in the wine industry, spanning roles in restaurants, retail, and online sales, we understand that the essence of a great wine begins with its quality.

Our wines are carefully selected from top-tier producers across Australia and New Zealand, including renowned brands such as Tyrrell’s in Hunter Valley, Smith and Shaw, and Hardys.

Our custom labels are designed to be as beautiful as the wines they represent, ensuring that the visual appeal matches the exceptional quality inside each bottle. For those eager to experience these remarkable wines, all are available for purchase through the link below.

By choosing Wine Works, you can be confident that every bottle you receive is a testament to the dedication and expertise of some of the finest winemakers in Australia and New Zealand.

Here’s why these wineries stand out:

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Tyrell's | Hunter Valley

Founded in 1858, Tyrrell’s is one of Australia’s oldest family-owned wineries. Known for their pioneering spirit, Tyrrell’s has been instrumental in establishing the Hunter Valley as a premier wine region. Their commitment to sustainable viticulture and traditional winemaking techniques ensures each bottle reflects the unique terroir of the region. Signature wines like their Shiraz & Semillon are celebrated globally, earning numerous awards and accolades. 

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Smith and Shaw | Adelaide Hills

Smith and Shaw, based in the Adelaide Hills, epitomise modern Australian winemaking. Their innovative approach blends traditional techniques with cutting-edge technology to produce wines of exceptional quality and character. The cool climate of the Adelaide Hills allows for a longer ripening period, resulting in wines with intense flavours and balanced acidity. Their range includes stunning Chardonnays and elegant Pinot Noirs that showcase the region’s potential.

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Hardys | McLaren Vale

Established in 1853, Hardys is a name synonymous with Australian wine. Over the years, Hardys has become a benchmark for consistency and quality, with a diverse portfolio that caters to all palates. Their dedication to innovation and excellence has made them a household name, with wines ranging from accessible everyday options to premium selections that compete on the world stage. Hardys’ rich heritage and forward-thinking approach continue to drive their success.

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Zizlie | Queensland

Zizlie is celebrated for its innovative approach to winemaking, blending tradition with modern techniques to produce wines of exceptional character. Located in the renowned wine regions of Australia, Zizlie focuses on sustainable practices and meticulous attention to detail. Their portfolio boasts a range of varietals, each crafted to highlight the unique terroir of their vineyards. From robust reds to crisp whites, Zizlie’s wines are known for their balance, depth, and elegance. Signature wines like their Shiraz and Rose have garnered acclaim for their rich flavours and impeccable quality.

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